Corporate Social Responsibility

We view the scope of corporate social responsibility as an evolving, moving quaesitum of corporations or business entities to integrate, at minimum, environmental and social concerns in their business model, while also taking on ethical, corporate governance, labor and health issues above the call of the law.

As a self-regulating system it creates a positive image for corporations or businesses whose corporate governance is based on principles of conducting business with all integrity, transparency in all transactions, providing necessary disclosures, complying with all laws, and conducting business in an ethical manner.

Our CSR management services are designed to engage clients in a top-down approach in which sustainability efforts that focus on people, planet and profit are at the core of their daily operations resulting in a healthier and more productive world with long-term success of the company and its stockholders.

With our years of experience in designing programs for multinational corporations and their diverse subsidiaries, we are on the leading edge of developing CSR management programs to the highest standards of social consciousness into the core of business operations to create shared value for business and society.

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CSR Government Directives, Science and Accepted Public Policies

CSR being intrinsically associated with development done by the private sector can play a major role in complementing development efforts of government directives, political science and accepted public policies.

To meet corporate social responsibility that complements government directives and multilateral development institutions and agencies, corporate and business entities should have a process in place to integrate social environmental, ethical, human rights and concerns of clients into their core strategy and business operations to:

  • Maximize corporate shareholder value linked with societal value
  • Identify, prevent and mitigate possible adverse effects
  • Enable socially responsible and sustainable practices

Using a combination of CSR management and strategic planning can become a key source of competitive advantage for corporations and businesses by creating and capturing increased shareholder value from existing CSR and sustainability programs.

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Extensive Experience in CSR Management

We specialize in CSR management services focusing on, but not limited to:

  • Measuring to maximize returns
  • Socially responsible investments
  • Establishing corporate governance for long-term corporate success
  • Corporate value enhancement

As experts in this field we have extensive experience in corporate governance and ethics, risk and compliance, advising corporations, multi-lateral agencies and investors on social, environmental and economic sustainability.

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