ICON CEO/President: Constance Manders Curriculum Vitae and Professional Credentials


Coni meeting with executives at a multinational corporation

Constance Manders is a professional with over 20 years of experience in formulating programs and procedures for multinational corporations and their diverse subsidiaries that are designed to achieve superior risk management results and avoid adverse business consequences to the corporation through environmental health and safety practices. She has been positioned structurally within corporate HQ management organizations, and she served as an internal consultant across a broad range of companies with direct accountability to a Board of Directors committee for environmental, health, safety governance.



  • Communications: Effective listener, writer and presenter. Constance's work is valued for its ability to convey technical information in functional, memorable and interesting form by making the larger issues personal to the audience to stimulate participatory dialogue and stewardship
  • Leadership: Constance's approach is to build individual commitment through consensus, a carefully negotiated agreement between groups of diverse stakeholders. It differs from top-down directives or grassroots initiatives in that it is a system-wide acceptance and commitment that must engage each participant. She is successful in creating teams and maintaining a very high quality of performance, a continuous process that requires enabling leadership.
  • Policies and Procedures: In the absence of industry standards, Constance has incorporated governmental directives, science and accepted public policies in order to set the corporation’s goals for risk management, sustainability and CSR.
  • Project Management: Constance has developed and managed the implementation of large projects in resource sustainability, health, and safety, completing them on time and within budget. Knowing the mindset of the individual stakeholders, and their ability, is essential.
  • International Experience: Successfully worked in local and regional settings that have presented some powerful challenges: the Middle East, Latin America, Europe, and the many facets of America.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Constance has been on the leading edge of formulating and championing the development of measures for resource sustainability and other CSR activities over the past 20 years.


  • Over 20 Years of Progressive Experience in the planning, design, implementation and management of environment health and safety (EHS) and corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs in various industries with industry recognized performance results
  • Demonstrated Strengths in:
    • Strategic Planning, Management Systems, Program Development, Global and Site level CSR-EH&S Initiatives, Auditing, Performance Indicators/RESULTS, and Global Team Management, Development and Training
    • Design and implementation of specific EHS, CSR, Security and Business Continuity programs
    • Successful collaboration with executives and functional leadership representatives to address EHS risks and CSR initiatives to achieve compliance while supporting efficient business operations
    • Strong verbal and written communication, public speaking and mentoring skills


Icon Management Consulting, Principal (2008 present)


  • Management consultant to a variety of industry sectors to strengthen EHS/CSR programs with superior risk management results. Currently providing program support to individual/local businesses including program development, training and implementation, and auditing of EHS/CSR programs.

International Rectifier (Headquarters), an Infineon Technologies Company (2008- 2016) Director, Corporate Environment, Health & Safety (EHS) and Social Responsibility (CSR)

  • Developed a Corporate-wide EH&S Management Program to ensure compliance and enhanced safety performance that involved 7 Semiconductor and Assembly Factories and 30 Engineering Design laboratories. This EH&S Management Program was an industry model, and it enabled the rapid deployment of a company and supplier-wide Corporate Social Responsibility program.
    • Drove the level of critical findings down by 300% and substantially improved the overall safety and working conditions.
    • Property insurance rates were also cut by 70% and $4M/year of savings was achieved, as a reflection of the hazard reductions.
    • This involved working and directing over 8 special audit teams and managing 60 internal EH&S factory and facilities staff, and consultants.
  • Developed an implementation plan and chaired the corporate executive CSR Board to drive a new company-wide CSR program across 7 factory sites and more than 300 suppliers. This program is a model within the Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC).
    • Worked across all functions to drive the labor and ethics management system into the entire corporation, and after joining the EICC, managed all the EICC factory audits.
    • In a period of 7 months, the largest assembly factory in Mexico was audited (1,900 employees) and passed with superior results (99% EICC Conformance Score).
    • After only 12 months, all 7 internal factories were externally audited and EICC-certified and the majority of the supplier base had been trained in the EICC Code of Conduct and expectations from International Rectifier.
    • Of 1,100 EICC Social Responsibility audits conducted worldwide, the IR results were in the top performing 1% globally. Two IR factories scored 100% and all done in under a year.
    • The EICC and its members regularly ask for help with their own CSR programs and plans, and consultations have been provided to many Fortune 500 companies.
  • Directed the Conflict Mineral Program associated with Dodd/Frank corporate compliance reporting requirements. Actively involved in working the supply chain and its compliance to these reporting requirements.
  • Lead for acquisition due diligence, and pre- and post- merger integration for EHS/CSR matters.

Occidental Petroleum Corporation (Headquarters) (1992-2008): Corporate Manager, Health, Environment, Safety and Risk Management Compliance Assurance

  • Responsible for worldwide Heath, Environment and Safety (HES) and process risk management at Occidental Petroleum Headquarters and all of its subsidiary companies (chemical manufacturing, oil and gas E/P, coal mining, gas transmission; crude oil transportation). Accountable to the Board of Directors for the performance of HES Risk Management Program, reporting to and taking direction from Occidental Petroleum Board Members. Responsible for Advocacy and Issue Management for domestic and international environmental matters. Responsible for worldwide HES quality assurance via the HES Compliance Assurance program. Developed Social Responsibility programs and public reports.
    • Developed and implemented a nationally recognized Health, Environment Safety and Risk Management (HESRM) Program that has been consistently acknowledged as top quartile by government, industry and NGOs.
    • Developed and implemented Sustainability and Social Responsibility programs, HES/Corporate Social Responsibility Annual Reports.
    • Conducted formal integrated management reviews (“Program Review” on behalf of the Board of Directors) of Occidental’s subsidiaries, meeting with each President to evaluate their leadership strategy and HESRM business integration. Provided a Quality Assessment of subsidiary management systems, planning, and resource utilization to the Board.
    • Interfaced with non-governmental organizations and stakeholders in the field and on work sites.
    • Presented to the U.S. Department of Justice, EPA, and NGOs, and successfully negotiated key partnerships.


  • Registered ISO 14001 Auditor, BSI (2015) and Board of EHS Certification (BEAC) CPEA
  • Registered OSHAS 18001 Lead Auditor, Bureau Veritas, June 2015; IRCA pending
  • Registered Labor & Ethics Auditor (EICC), International Registrar of Certificated Auditors (IRCA)
  • CVI Certified- Authorized User, Chemical-Terrorism Vulnerability Information (CVI), US Dept. of Homeland Security
  • Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC): Corporate Member Company representative and spokesperson to the EICC and to key International Rectifier/Infineon customers on matters of CSR/EHS, including Conflict Minerals and EHS/CSR performance


    • University of California

Founding Advisory Board Member, Environmental Management and Auditing Certificate Program and Instructor, Environmental Management and Auditing Certificate Program.

      • Defined and developed a University of California curriculum and field practice for a Certificate Program in Environmental Management and Auditing.
      • Created and instructed four (4) accredited courses on management and auditing covering auditing techniques, land use, waste, and process safety.
    • The Auditing Roundtable (Institute of Internal Auditors)

Past President and Member of the Board of Directors of this national professional organization focused on promoting proactive CSR, and health, environment and safety management practices and associated auditing standards.

      • Developed and implemented operating and accounting controls (as Treasurer)
      • Restructured the organization to optimize its market value and business opportunities (as two-term President).
      • Launched the Certification Board for EHS auditors (BEAC) for ISO and EHS compliance assurance.
      • Developed and Directed the Auditor Training Program covering EHS auditor skills, environmental compliance auditing, and health & safety compliance auditing.
    • Head Trauma Support Project, Inc., Sacramento, California

Founder and Past President of a non-profit corporation to provide advocacy and support for survivors of traumatic brain injury and their families

  • Created a new organization to develop and provide services to the disabled, medical professionals and to the community-at-large.
  • Developed, produced and chaired nine (9) fully accredited Continuing Medical Education programs for physicians on traumatic brain injury and rehabilitation.
  • Developed and produced an integrated video program on traumatic brain injury made available through the National Institutes of Health, National Library of Medicine’s online hospital resources to hospitals and medical providers worldwide.


  • CEO/President’s Awards for superior performance in and contributions to EHS/CSR management:
  • - Aerojet General (hazardous waste management) - Occidental Petroleum (acquisition due diligence) - International Rectifier (EICC-CSR performance recognition)
  • California Speech & Hearing Association, Statewide Recipient: Public Service Award
  • United Way Volunteer Activist Public Service Award


  • University of California, Los Angeles. Anderson School of Business Executive Management
  • University of California, Davis. B.S. Renewable Natural Resources
  • California State University, Sacramento. B.A. Studio Art